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Buses equipped with Wi-Fi

Buses equipped with Wi-Fi

In Congo-Brazzaville,  Bolloré Group brought a revolution not least in the daily life of the inhabitants. For several months already the electric buses « Blue Congo » of Bolloré are equipped with free Wi-Fi. An innovative concept that dors note go unnoticed !

This is an answer to the problem of connectivity especially in these times where Internet users have trouble to disconnect. With their tickets of 150 XOF, passengers have the possibility of surfing free on the Internet. They are air-conditioned and contain only ten places. Public transport in Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire has never been practical.

« I left my office for a break and I have not disconnected from my suppliers thanks to this free internet, in addition to good quality, as soon as I connected to the wifi network », entrusted a passenger to the newspaper Dépêches de Brazzaville.

Ecolos in addition, these cars are 100% electric. Otherwise, they contribute to the protection of the ozone layer and emit almost no engine noise.

A project that should inspire other countries.

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