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Ivory Coast: MTN foundation offers 200 computers to 20 schools

Ivory Coast: MTN foundation offers 200 computers to 20 schools

 Digitization of the educational space in Africa is underway. MTN network, in that framework has offered 200 desktops computers and free internet connection to 20 private educational institutions. These beneficiary institutions were selected on the basis of their results last year (up to 70% success rate – at the end of 2016-2017 examinations).

All the beneficiaries have received 10 desktop computers in addition to free internet connection by committing to set up a multimedia room furnished and secured and to have staff qualified for its management. This donation from the MTN foundation based in Ivory Coast is in line with the « Génération numérique » program, which has so far enabled the development of a total of 138 establishments. The National Center for Scientific Materials in Cocody served as the setting for the delivery of computer equipment.

EKRA Eliane, representative of the president of the MTN Côte d’Ivoire Foundation, stated that the 20 schools each will benefit from 10 computers and free internet connection for a two-year period at a total of 72 million francs CFA. She hoped that these schools would use these tools « to assist the digital education of students who are the primary beneficiaries ».

The MTN Ivory Coast Foundation has as its battleground the installation of multimedia rooms connected to the Internet in order to contribute to the digital development in the Ivorian school. She is also involved in the training of multimedia room managers in schools. The objective is to accompany the policy of integration of Information and Communication Technologies in the education system, to form a « Generation Numérique » of young leaders acquired at NICT.

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