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Nigeria: Tuteria to learn online

Nigeria: Tuteria to learn online

A mathematics teacher Godwin Benson has launched an e-learning platform called Tuteria. This virtual space brings together experienced teachers and students. Some, seeking to share knowledge and others, anxious to know.

Tutors are selected on the basis of their knowledge and experience in teaching and, of course, their ability to pass on knowledge. Tutoring is tailored to the school curriculum and offers additional courses for students at the right pace.

According to site designer Godwin Benson, his intention was to « build a platform that reliably connects people who seek to learn anything with those who live around them and can teach them what » They want to learn at affordable prices. « 

Godwin Benson is the first graduate-class engineering systems from the University of Lagos. He was one of the top five winners of Microsoft’s Passion Empire campaign, held in April this year at InterContinental Hotel in Lagos-Nigeria.

The site: tuteria.com has courses in Math, Biology, Business and Commerce; cooked; music.

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